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Published on 6 February 2024 at 11:35

Welcome to my brain child, TRG Social Media Management, the solution to 'what on earth do I post on my Instagram?' And 'How do I actually get followers?'

I started TRG Social Media Management because I was working within companies that were missing a trick. I had become accustomed to explaining why we needed to create human content across Tik Tok, but why we could be more professional on Facebook. It became normal to fight the case for branching out onto new platforms, and introducing the concept of meeting multiple audiences on each. I realised that maybe these fragments of what creates a successful business online, isn't always a natural assumption, and so I created a one stop shop to ensure no businesses ever have to experience disconnect with their online presence again.

'What sets you apart from the other 1000's of Social Media Manager's' is a question I've asked myself along the whole process. I want to offer something that goes against the crowd. My packages sit well below industry average in terms of price. But why? Because I love working with small, up and coming companies. That's it! I love to make a vision come to life, and working with small businesses makes this happen. 

So who even am I? My name is Tilly, and I am a content obsessed, gym obsessed, horses obsessed, everything creative obsessed 21 year old from the South West. I've worked alongside the BBC, Charities, Educational Brands, and everything in between. I have taken brands from the ground, I have launched across new platforms and reached new audiences and I have created Blogs that have a proven record of driving traffic to my customers websites. I am also overly competitive, a pretty great trait in my line of work.

So this is my welcome, to my page; and my business. I hope you find helpful advice within my blogs, maybe even a few shockers, and I hope that somewhere along the line, we might just get to have a chat.

Have a great day x

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